You are officially in the third trimester and so close that you can taste it! This trimester will see your baby getting ready for birth, as most of the developmental growth is complete. In fact your baby now looks like what he or she may look like at birth. For the most part, all that remains is for the baby to put on fat and grow taller.

What’s happening with you

With being this close to the end, your body is adapting for labor by loosening the hip joints in order to accommodate the baby. This loosening may give rise to occasional pains in the pelvic area which can seem worse from one pregnancy to the next. Along with this, your breathlessness can get worse. The only reprieve may come from putting your feet up at every chance you get. Once you feel better, you can resume your daily exercise routine in order to keep your blood circulating efficiently.

Watch out for any milky vaginal discharge in this trimester. Some women have a tendency to develop yeast infections during pregnancy. If you feel irritation during urination along with a discharge, talk to your doctor right away for a safe fungicide.

If you have brief lapses in concentration and some forgetfulness, you may be surprised that you are not alone. Many pregnant women experience temporary periods of confusion and memory lapses and are not a cause for concern.

What’s happening with your baby

This week will feature your baby’s fused eyes finally opening. Until this point, your baby’s eyes were closed in order to protect the retina. This week the retina will differentiate into its many layers.

Even though your baby’s ears are covered with a waxy coating, he is getting more and more capable of recognizing your voice and reacting to the sound of it. The brain is continuing to develop along with the liver, immune system and lungs.

week 27 of pregnancyIf you are having a boy, it is more than likely the testes have descended in to the scrotal sac.With your baby being almost 2 pounds(0.90 kgs) in weight and approximately 14 ½ long, the fetus is now about the size of a small loaf of bread.

What is perhaps most reassuring about the beginning of the third trimester is that there is an 85% chance of survival even if your baby is born now. So be aware of preterm labor symptoms as after this point in the pregnancy, a very small percentage of women do go into early labor. While survival rates are good, it is still better to keep the baby in you as long as possible to maximize brain and lung development before birth.