Halleluiah! You are coasting along in the third trimester! This is an important week for both you and the baby. If you found out if you were Rh negative, then you will receive the RhoGAM shot this week. This shot is given to prevent complications to any following babies you carry that might be Rh positive. So, in fact, while your Rh status is not important for your first baby, it becomes material for any subsequent pregnancy.

What’s happening with you

If you find that your baby has Rh positive blood, then you will get another shot of RhoGAM after the birth of this baby to ensure the safety of future pregnancies. This is an important precaution so make sure that you have dotted your Is and crossed your Ts when it comes to this regard.

If your gestational diabetes test or glucose screening test came back positive, then you might be in for a repeat test, to make sure that your issue is serious enough to be addressed. If your second test also shows some anomalies that fall outside acceptable ranges, you will be recommended dietary changes or medication to prevent complications with birth weight. However in all likelihood, a positive test will only mean that you will have to watch your carbohydrate consumption and further streamline your diet to eliminate any processed or high caloric foods.

What’s happening with your baby 

With the baby’s eyes now partially open, even blinking is possible. The baby’s eyes have colour now as pigmentation develops. The colour of the baby’s eyes will not be fully developed until almost 9 months after birth so, here is hoping that she gets your eyes!

Your baby is continuing to get plumper every day and with more meat on her bones, is looking a lot more like a newborn than ever before. If you are having a girl, the bay’s labia will grow closer as they do not cover the clitoris as of now. The baby’s lungs are now capable of breathing air if necessary.

week 28 of pregnancyWith so much growth and development going on, your baby is now 15 inches long and weighs approximately 2 ½ pounds(1.13 kgs). If you are getting ready for a baby-shower, you better get out to shop for what you want to wear as none of your old kurtis will fit. So take this opportunity and pick up outfits that let you show off that baby bump.

Just be aware that preterm labor is a real possibility at this stage. Be aware of how many contractions are acceptable per hour especially if you have a family history of preterm labor. Call your mother and quiz her on what giving birth to you was like – there’s nothing like bonding over baby stories!