If you are too superstitious to buy baby clothes, it’s perfectly understandable. But there is plenty more that you can do to get ready for the baby by making sure that he or she has a safe crib that will grow with your baby’s demand,  like high railings and no choking or smothering hazards. Especially if you are retaining water in your fingers and toes, there is no better way to spend your time than preparing your home and life for the new baby.

What’s happening with you

week 29 of pregnancyLet’s face it, you’re feeling bloated, retaining water wherever you can and cannot even get into your most comfy pair of house slippers! None of your old clothing fits, so you find yourself lounging in the evenings in his shirts or kaftaans that you wouldn’t be caught dead in at other times. All this discomfort is because of edema, but is a perfectly normal symptom for this time of your pregnancy.

While water retention might be hard to prevent, it can be lessened by watching how much salt is consumed. Avoiding potato chips and Chinese food with its large salt component may help edema when diet contributes to it. Also keeping well hydrated by drinking plenty of water will lessen water retention.

But you can use your edema as an excuse to prop your feet up on the sofa and read the latest edition of Femina or Stardust without feeling guilty about having to make that kofta curry you promised your husband!

What’s happening with your baby

If your family history has you worried about premature birth, then rest easy. With the technology available today, your baby has an excellent chance of survival with every passing week. With your baby sucking her thumb as well as she does, your breasts better watch out. Your baby is becoming quite a pro !

And speaking of breastfeeding, your baby will begin producing prolactin this week, which will stimulate colostrums production in you. Colostrum is the first breast milk that you will produce and is full of nutrition and immune building properties that will be passed on to your baby.

Your baby is now close to 15 inches long and approximately 3 pounds (1.35 kg) in weight. At this size, your ribcage may be getting quite a pounding after meals and anytime the environment excites your baby. The baby’s downy lanugo is starting to shed as the baby puts on more fat. While some of the down will survive birth, most of it will be gone the first week after birth.

Do not be alarmed if you slowly start to feel the baby a little less as compared to earlier in the pregnancy. Remember that your uterus is getting cramped and there isn’t as much space as before for movement. As long as you are sensing enough movement during the day, rest easy as this decrease in sensing the baby’s movements is normal.