While you are coming up with your list of boy names and girl names, on every late night trip to the bathroom, remember that this can be practice for waking up a few times a night for midnight feeds in the next few months. Your breasts have never been bigger and you feel like you are carrying around two gunny sacks filled with cream, but your body is just getting ready to feed your baby for as long as you choose.

What’s happening with you

You are probably experiencing some apprehension about what labor may be like. Is it going to turn out like your mom’s delivery with you that took 20 minutes or is it going to be the 2 day ordeal it was with your brother? While you can plan every move from now to the birth, it’s always good to be prepared for those unforeseen surprises that can throw a wrench into any event.

week 33 of pregnancyThis is a good time to research what your pain relief options are. The whole natural childbirth movement that is taking India by storm may be scary but deserves some attention. If going au naturel is not an option, then discuss your pain medications with your doctor to become aware of their side effects. Keep your near and dear ones informed of your progress so that they can be available for you in case you need the moral support.

Continue to maintain your healthy eating habits along with moderate exercise. DHA-filled foods such as fish and eggs are a sensible addition to your diet. The last few weeks are all about weight gain, both yours and the baby’s, so make sure that you get the poundage from the right sources.

What’s happening with your baby

This is an important time in your pregnancy as you pass on antibodies to the baby to build his immune system. This will become vital in the first year as your baby fights off germs that may be encountered. You may also be surprised that although the blows to your ribs are fewer and far between than before, the jabs may still pack a punch because you have a lot more baby and a lot less amniotic fluid left to cushion the blows.

The best news this week is that the baby’s lungs are almost fully mature which means that if you were to give birth this week, your baby should have little to no trouble breathing on his own; at the most some help from the neonatal pulmonologists before he is home with you! You may also be surprised how well your baby reacts to light, as much as shying away from the light when it is shined on your belly!

The pliability of your baby’s bones is just right for making its way down your birth canal. At 17 1/2 inches long and 4 1/2 pounds (2.03 kg) in weight, your baby is what a chef may refer to as “well done”!