If you are walking around with your phone in hand even to the bathroom, you may be nervous that labor can come anytime now, and you wouldn’t be wrong. You will be considered full-term by the end of next week so if you have your hospital bags packed; then you will not be considered over-packed! Your due date is sneaking up on you and not a moment too soon since you haven’t slept since week 30!

What’s happening with you

Now that your baby has completely taken over your body, not just your belly, you have never been readier to get the baby out. Your organs are squished and are probably relegated to different corners of your abdomen. You are expecting your little one to decide at any moment that she is done in there and ready to come meet you and dad. You are running through all the labor symptoms in your mind like the ticker tape that runs at the bottom of the NDTV screen! It is good to be cautious but don’t let it rule every moment of your day. Trust your instincts.

You may experience some dizziness from this week onwards as most of your blood is circulating in your torso. So make an effort to rise slowly as your weight may cause you to be unstable and lose your footing. Also from this week, you will be visiting your doctor on a weekly basis. And no matter how much you want your doctor to tell you when your baby is likely to come, her guess is as good as yours. So unless your cervix is dilated, rest easy.

What’s happening with your baby

week 35 of pregnancyThink of a beautiful portrait getting its finishing touches- that’s where your baby is. Your baby is most likely in the position he will be in readiness for birth. The movements are much more fluid than before and gone are those jerky kicks you felt even a few weeks ago. Even the kicks don’t pack the painful punch they used to anymore. There is much less space to move around, so the only movement you are feeling is the baby adjusting herself to get into a comfortable position.

Your baby is continuing to add to the fat under the skin turning into the plump cutie you will meet very soon. The liver is now capable of producing waste and will put all those diapers you have stocked up on to good use. Your baby’s nails are continuing to grow and may even be ready for a trim before he leaves the hospital. At just over 5 pounds (2.26 kg) now, your baby measures 17 ¾ inches, fully capable of supporting himself in almost every way on his own.