Consider yourself officially ready for the big day any time now. That’s right, your baby is fully developed and giving birth now will not be considered preterm. With how big your belly is and how uncomfortable each step is, you should be thankful that from this point onwards, that your baby’s time in your oven is almost over, except perhaps for some weight gain. And who can blame you, considering there is not a whole lot you can do with how uncomfortable you are feeling.

So put those swollen feet up on a pillow and watch your favorite Kareena Kapoor and reminisce about those times when you could get into her skimpy shorts and look good!

What’s happening with you

week 37 of pregnancyDoesn’t it feel good knowing that all that discomfort, nausea and weight gain is finally going to pay off? This week, be prepared for your doctor to perform an internal exam “down there”. This can be quite painful, but think of it as practice for what labor pains will bring. Your doctor will check you to see if dilation or the opening of your cervix has begun. Along with this, the doctor will check for ripeness, a measure of the softness of your cervix, and finally for effacement, which is a measure of how thin your cervix is.

If you develop some spotting right after a physical exam, do not be perturbed, but if this persists and you continue to see bright red spotting, then it may be time to contact your doctor immediately. Sometimes, a physical exam can dislodge the mucous plug, which may give rise to a gelatinous discharge. This should signal that you watch for any additional signs of labor, such as your water breaking or even contractions.

What’s happening with your baby

If you were to go into labor now, there would be nothing to worry about as you are now carrying a full-term baby! You will find that your baby’s growth slows down tremendously this week. Did you just hear your birth canal heave a sigh of relief? But you may be wondering what he is still doing in you considering that all the growing is done. All that your baby is doing now is practicing for his activities in the real word. Sucking, gazing, breathing and also peeing, are just some of the things that he is trying to perfect before meeting you.

At this point in your pregnancy, your baby is close to 6 pounds (2.7 kgs) and anywhere from 18 to 19 inches. So with only the finishing touches left to go, enjoy the last few nights of undisturbed sleep, because very soon you will give anything to go even two hours without having to bolt to your baby’s crib for a midnight feeding!