Get ready to enter a new phase in your life and embark on a 36 week journey to take on a new role! Slowly but surely, your body is gearing up for its most important function in paving the way for a new life. If Mr. Right’s fastest swimmer met your eager egg, then you might be experiencing symptoms that might have you convinced that you are about to get your period. So before you run out to stock up on your sanitary napkins, check out this list of symptoms associated with week 4 of pregnancy.

Implantation bleeding or spotting:

Mild cramping and light spotting are experienced by some during the fourth week. This is a direct result of the fertilized egg implanting into the lining of the uterus. Some women may confuse this with an early period but this bleeding is scanty and often seen to be a pink or brownish discharge.

Breast Changes: 

Tenderness and heaviness of the breast are a common symptom during the fourth week of pregnancy and continue through the first trimester. Some women even notice darkening of the aerolas during this period which gets progressively more pronounced over time. This is accompanied by the nipples getting larger and fuller.

Lower back pain and headaches:

In response to an increase in hormone levels, some women experience mild back pain and headaches which have been compared to migraines. For some women, these symptoms may persist throughout the pregnancy but for most, it is only an early-pregnancy occurrence if at all.


Tiredness can set in as early as the fourth week of pregnancy which continues well into the third month. The second trimester however will see a spring in your step with renewed energy and enthusiasm in anticipation of the big event.

So if you are experiencing these symptoms, what next? And if you are not, you may be one of the lucky ones that sail right through this phase without much ado!

Either way, it’s time for your first prenatal visit with your gynecologist. While home pregnancy tests are convenient, getting an actual hCG count can be very reassuring! Along with a blood test to confirm your pregnancy, your doctor will advice you on any lifestyle changes you may have to make along with prenatal vitamins containing folic acid that must become part of your daily routine. This is a good opportunity to address any questions or concerns you may have about this exciting yet anxious time. So brace yourself, start shopping for the larger salwars (you can always get away with your existing saris) and might congratulations be in order?