Wow! You did it! You have a baby growing inside of you and it feels surreal, doesn’t it? Feeling overwhelmed initially is quite common, so don’t overthink it. If you haven’t begun doing so already, start eating right and getting regular exercise even if it is just a 15 minute stroll and not a full-fledged gym workout. If you’re the kind that spends most of your time taking care of everybody else around you – this is the time to stop and use that energy to take care of yourself. Most of all relax and enjoy this period; everything else can wait and will take care of itself. You on the other hand only have the next 35 weeks to savour this feeling; so make the most of it!

What’s happening with you

Did you know that being pregnant actually allows you an extra 300 calories worth of food every day? That’s right a whole 300 cal more! Doesn’t pregnancy rock? This of course does not mean that you can fill up on kachories and samosas while throwing caution to the wind; what nutritionists have in mind is a wholesome diet filled with whole grains vegetables along with a good source of protein.

It’s not easy balancing a career, running a home and cooking from-scratch meals. We often have to resort to grabbing a quick bite to eat, before it’s time for the next errand. While this routine might be acceptable at other times, this is not going to fly during pregnancy. Remember that with wholesome home-cooked meals, the likelihood of food poisoning is low, which can be an issue with street foods and fast foods. The types of medications that you can continue to take for an upset stomach and fever are highly restricted when you’re pregnant. Calling the pharmacy and grabbing a hold of anything they might recommend is no longer an option. So one is much better off watching what one eats instead of trying to fight off anything that may come your way with the limited prescription choices you will have later on. This does not mean that you cannot enjoy the occasional meal out, but more often than not, stick to what you know and trust.

What’s happening with your babybaby size at week 5 of pregnancy

Did you know that your baby’s heart begins to beat during this week? Yes, that familiar “whoosh-whoosh” sound from movies and books is finally here. But hold your horses: it is not detectable this early in the game but it does exist!

What this also means, is that blood circulation has begun in the fetus along with developing organs. In fact, many fundamental systems such as the reproductive, cardiovascular, and nervous systems will start to develop – all this while only being 2 mm long, about the size of a sesame (til) seed !

So, if there’s a favorite outfit that you will miss wearing in the future, this is the time to show it off. 2 mm will turn to 20 cm and before you know it, your wardrobe is going to look a whole lot different!