While your mother-in-law is keeping her fingers crossed for a boy, like any good Indian grandmother would; you and your husband couldn’t care less as long as the baby is healthy. And you would be right about being cautious as weeks 6 to 8 are extremely vulnerable periods during fetal development. During this time, it is important that you do not expose yourself and therefore your baby to any toxins or pathogens that may impact fetal development.

What’s happening with you

If you are perpetually exhausted and nauseous, you are experiencing classic early pregnancy symptoms. If your breasts feel like they are growing like when you first hit puberty, that’s just a sign of all the extra hormones raging through your body. If you missed the second half of Kaun Banega Crorepati, for the first time ever, get used to it. For the next few months, it is likely that you will not last through many TV shows and occasions, how much ever you want to.

Don’t despair, your body will regain most of its energy by the time the second trimester comes around, but warn your husband that you may not be as attentive as always in the next few months to come, if you know what I mean!You may find yourself walking around in a pregnancy-induced fog, so get some rest at every opportunity that you can. Remember that the whole world as you know it will change forever in nine months, so any chance at some shuteye should be welcomed with open arms and a pillow!

While it is easier said than done, even during these months of exhaustion, continue your exercise routine to the best of your ability. Prenatal yoga classes and stretching have been found to relax pregnant women that suffer from low energy during pregnancy.

What’s happening with your baby

baby size at week 6 of pregnancyAlthough your baby is little over the size of a large mustard seed, this is a time of tremendous growth and development. The heart is keeping a regular beat, although it is still not discernible over the Doppler device. It is dividing into chambers, but continues to be located outside the body. Your baby’s mouth and ears have begun to form along with his or her arms.

Imagine a tiny tadpole with swollen bumps for extremities. Soon, they will look like flippers. The brain and spinal cord are connected by the neural tube which will close this week. Can you believe that your babies facial features are already starting to emerge as the nostrils become more distinct? At this point your baby is all of 1/8 of an inch long.

This is a crucial time, so get plenty of fluids and rest as your baby is literally taking shape with every passing moment.