Everybody who knows the big news so far is telling you that you need to eat for two. But that’s easier said than done, considering how awful you feel if you are experiencing morning sickness. The good news is that most of the time, morning sickness lasts only the duration of the first trimester. By the time the second time trimester rolls around, pregnant women are rejuvenated by a sudden burst of energy which lasts through most of the pregnancy.

So if you had big plans for converting your extra bedroom into the baby’s room, know that most likely, those plans will have to wait. Hang in there though, this won’t last forever.

What’s happening with you

Morning sickness does not hit everybody, but a good number of women are affected by at least a few bouts of nausea during the first trimester. It can be completely exhausting and leave you wondering how you got talked into this mess! While the thought of knowing that what you are about to eat will probably not last very long in you, there are a few simple remedies that might alleviate your discomfort during this tough period.

Sucking on a piece of lemon, right after your meal can be quite helpful in keeping your food down. If lemon is not handy, any solid food can quell your nausea more often than not. Also keeping your meals to smaller portions over the course of the day instead of two or three large meals can also fight your urge to vomit.

In spite of what you are experiencing, what may most upset you is what this is doing to your baby. Rest easy, your baby needs very little nourishment at this time, so a aside from the discomfort you are feeling, there is very little that can affect your baby from all this vomiting. You may find that taking out your frustration on your husband may be therapeutic! But take steps to make sure that your body is well hydrated at all times, which means a deliberate increase in fluid intake.

However consult your doctor if you feel that your morning sickness is extreme as it may result in hyperemesis gravidarum that can lead to severe dehydration and weight-loss.

What’s happening with your baby

baby size at week 7 of pregnancyIf you could only peek through your body, you will see that the baby is developing at a tremendous rate of 100 cells per minute. Your baby’s arms which were buds last week are growing and starting to resemble table tennis racquets. The umbilical cord connecting the placenta to your baby is clearly visible. Facial features are becoming more defined as a tiny mouth, tongue and nostrils become apparent. In fact your baby’s eyes are wide open now.

At about a quartet of an inch long, the size of a morsel of rice, your baby is enormous when compared to what he or she was even just a few weeks ago! So all that vomiting and neembu sucking may be worth it after all!