If you find yourself on a roller coaster of emotions, with being elated one day and downright irritable the next, you’re not alone. These mood swings go hand-in-hand with pregnancy so ask your partner to buckle up for the ride cause it might get bumpy! Your hormone levels are fluctuating more so now than ever, and along with that comes emotional highs and lows.

What’s happening with you

bump at week 8 of pregnancyYour baby is now six weeks old and that cannot be easy on your mind and body! You cannot do a tadka for your daal without wanting tothrow up! You can maybe even avoid that with a sympathetic husband but how do you prevent your neighbour’s masala smells from wafting in under the door? Being nauseated by even the most familiar smells is a very common first trimester symptom. While you might be able to control what happens in your own kitchen, it’s not reasonable to expect your entire postal code to stop cooking fish for the next two months, is it ? And while the thought of taking your prenatal vitamins knowing full well that they taste awful on their way out cannot be easy, there’s just no getting around that.

You knew the pregnancy was going to change your figure, but this early in the game? Really? Women experience breast enlargement and a growing waistline in preparation for lactation and childbirth. Cramping of your uterus may also beexperienced as your uterus is now about the size of a large fist. You might feel some stretching, pulling and even tightening as your body is getting ready to house the growing embryo.

If you have only had the benefit of a home pregnancy test so far, then a first prenatal visit during this week can be helpful as you discuss with your doctor any concerns you may have.

What’s happening with your baby

Your baby will start to sprout webbed toes and fingers this week. Along with this will come acrobatic movements that you will be able to feel in the very near future. Your baby’s nose is forming along with his or her eyelids, upper lip and ears.Your baby’s heart has also successfully divided into four distinct chambers with a heart rate of a whopping hundred and fifty beats per minute. This may sound high but it is very normal for an embryo of this age. Your baby is now about the size of a raisin or close to half an inch long.

As you begin this journey, make sure that you pick a gynecologist and obstetrician who you would look forward to seeing several times over the next year or so. He or she must be approachable and must be able to allay any fears you may have, however irrational they may seem. This is an important choice so choose well!