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  • Triple Impressions 1 – by Shefali Vaidya

    Triple Impressions is a column by Shefali Vaidya for, where she shares her tumultuous journey as a mother from the point of discovery that she is pregnant with triplets all the way through to being a proud mother of six year olds. ‘I can hear three heartbeats. I think you have triplets’, our doctor uttered these momentous words with a smile. It was my first ultrasound screening since the pregnancy was confirmed. Our doctor Continue Reading

  • Triple Impressions – 3 by Shefali Vaidya

    The slowest night of my life trickled slowly into a turbid, grey, airless dawn. I was still on Mag, weaving in and out of periods of lucidity and hallucinations. As I was practically paralyzed from neck down, any movement was out of question. Ganesh had spent the night crouched uncomfortably in a hard iron folding chair. Twelve slow hours had passed since the steroid injections. Thirty-six more to go before the steroids had their full Continue Reading

  • Your Newborn Baby – Just after the birth

    Your newborn is still figuring out this “breathing on your own” thing, so after a good cry, she will close her eyes and sleep for most of the day. Your newborn also does not have the ability to control her temperature effectively, so even before they hand her over to you, she will be dried off and rubbed vigorously to improve her circulation. She may even need to be placed under a radiant warmer if Continue Reading

  • Childbirth – 5 Ways to Get your Baby into Position for Birth

    Ideally, the best position for the baby to be in is with the head down and the face pointing slightly towards your spine. This is commonly referred to as the anterior position and most babies will get into this position on their own. This orientation is preferred because of the snug fit of the baby in your pelvic area. Once active labor begins, the baby will begin to tuck her head into her chest while Continue Reading

  • Birth and Labor – 8 Positions for Labour

    Once labor begins, it’s not always easy finding a comfortable position. You may want to move around to distract yourself as much as possible from the discomfort. But don’t exert yourself to the point that you will not have enough energy when the delivery process begins. If your labor begins at night, then consider flipping on the TV while reclining to conserve your energy for when the baby is ready to come out. But as Continue Reading

  • Child Birth and Labor – Pain relief in Labor

    Even before we were old enough to understand where children came from, we have been no strangers to the knowledge that childbirth involves a tremendous amount of pain. For this reason, most women at one time or the other have wondered how they will survive the pain and shudder at the very idea. There is no question that each woman’s pain tolerance threshold is different. Some women are able to breathe through the contractions however Continue Reading

  • Choosing an Obstetrician – Finding the right Obgyn

    Choosing the right hospital for your baby’s birth is almost as important as choosing your baby’s pediatrician. More often than not, the obstetrician that you choose will be tied in to the hospital that you will use for your delivery as your obstetrician’s privileges are most often restricted to his or her area hospitals. So consider both the merit of the obstetrician as well as the facilities the hospital offers before you make a choice. Continue Reading

  • Labor and Childbirth – Getting Ready

    Before you know it, you will be saying, “It’s time!” After almost 9 months of getting both your mind and body ready for the big day, it’s finally right around the corner. While some women experience labor quite suddenly, most of the time there are definite signs that your baby is coming soon. When your baby’s head makes its way deep into the pelvic floor, you can be assured that labor is not very far Continue Reading