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  • Baby Development : Month 15

    By now your little toddler may well be into the ‘terrible two’s’ He would most likely be running around and boy does he run!! This is the perfect time to help him be more aware of the sights and sounds and textures around him. So you can make him feel his soft cheeks and compare it with the rough scratchy daddy’s stubble. Introduce him to various scents like the scent of flowers in the air, Continue Reading

  • Baby Development : Month 13

    Your little bundle of joy has completed one year and you just can’t seem to believe how fast he is growing up. Now that he can safely be called a toddler, you may begin to notice subtle changes in his behavior. Your baby’s development For your 13 month old, you are still the center of his universe and he expects your world to revolve around him too. He is most likely to start attempting to Continue Reading

  • Baby Development : Week 2

    This week is marked by you and your family getting used to this new routine with the baby. You still have a ways to go before you have figured it all out, but at least you know what is in store for the next coming months. Your baby’s development Your baby continues to sleep most of the day during this week, waking up mostly for feedings. However, you might find her waking up more often Continue Reading

  • Baby Development : Week 3

    With every passing week, the baby will be much more alert and awake. This is the best time to bond with her, so take advantage of the moments that your baby is awake and taking in her surroundings. Your baby’s development While your baby continues to be startled by sudden loud noises, you may find her sleeping through most of them. These could be anything from your phone ringing or the subjiwaala hollering at you Continue Reading

  • Baby Development : Week 4

    At the end of this week, you should prepare for a first month doctor’s visit. Come up with a list of questions that concern you as you may not get another opportunity to have your questions answered for weeks. Your baby’s development A wellness check at the end of the first month is essential for both the mom and the baby. Your baby most likely began to lose weight even before you left the hospital, Continue Reading

  • Baby Development : Week 6

    At this joyous time, with the baby reacting to your every little expression, your baby might also get over- stimulated and end up crying for no apparent reason. At these times, giving the baby some alone time on his tummy will help calm her down. Your baby’s development If you are planning on going back to work in a few weeks from now, it is important to get the baby used to a bottle if Continue Reading

  • Baby Development : Month 3

    Although your baby has probably been able to recognize you since she was just a few days old, now she can actually show it. Most babies begin to show unmistakable signs of recognition when they see their parents. Your baby’s development Research has shown that babies whose parents spent time speaking to them extensively, had the largest vocabularies and highest IQs as they got older. So this stage should be all about interaction with your Continue Reading

  • Baby Development : Month 7

    Although your baby may be sitting unsupported for a big part of the day, consider placing pillows around her in case she topples. With crawling right around the corner, you never know what is coming next! Your baby’s development If you have not baby-proofed your home already, there is no time like the present to do it. Just about anything at her eye level becomes fair game for her to try to reach. She will Continue Reading