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  • Helping Your Child Deal With Peer Pressure

    “Come on let’s bunk class and have an ice cream instead.” “ Why do you wear such “behenji” clothes? In today’s world, children come with their set of opinions about what is “cool” and what is not. In a world where taking individual decisions itself is hard enough, your child is likely to face such challenging situations on a daily basis. Teaching him how to handle such situations will equip him with the necessary life Continue Reading

  • How to discipline your child

    Discipline is the process of teaching your child what is acceptable and what is not.  It is not a form of punishment.  Disciplining your child requires both commitment and effective communication.  You can teach your child how to be respectful and to follow rules. Through the use of rewards and consequences, you can show your child how to be respectful and follow rules. The word discipline is usually seen in a negative light as far Continue Reading

  • Help your Child handle Success and Failure

    In a world which labels everybody as a success or failure, it is very easy for your child to fall into the rat race, and be ecstatic about successes and go to any length to achieve it; and be equally disappointed by the smallest of failures and sink into depression or indulge in violent activities. One of the important lessons you can impart to your child, in the art of living is to handle success Continue Reading

  • Bathing your Newborn Baby

    If you are a new mother, nothing is as scary as the prospect of bathing your baby once you bring her home. First of all, she’s tiny and you worry that she will slip right through your fingers and what about that umbilical cord? You don’t want to get within a mile of it in case you hurt her! Until your baby’s umbilical cord stump falls off, sponge baths are sufficient to get her clean. Continue Reading

  • 6 Common Parenting Mistakes

    The common mistakes parents make can easily affect a child’s confidence and his self-worth. Read on to know the six common mistakes that one can avoid as a parent !! Parenting is one job you are required to do without proper training or qualification. ‘A full-time job’ as many fresh mothers like to describe it, parenting is an art. Nevertheless, there are some thumb rules that can make you a better parent. When a baby Continue Reading

  • New Age Parenting

    Today we all are 21st century parents raising 21st century kids who are far more ahead in thinking, grasping and growing. I am a mother to a 4 year old lovely girl and there is never a moment when I don’t feel how fast kids are nowadays. When we grew up our parents never went to any parenting class, lecture or read any special books to raise us but still we were raised healthy, happy Continue Reading

  • Triple Impressions 1 – by Shefali Vaidya

    Triple Impressions is a column by Shefali Vaidya for, where she shares her tumultuous journey as a mother from the point of discovery that she is pregnant with triplets all the way through to being a proud mother of six year olds. ‘I can hear three heartbeats. I think you have triplets’, our doctor uttered these momentous words with a smile. It was my first ultrasound screening since the pregnancy was confirmed. Our doctor Continue Reading

  • Triple Impressions – 2 by Shefali Vaidya

    It was a cold, rainy afternoon in January. The streets of Dallas still twinkled with fairy lights from the holiday celebrations. I had just entered the 25th week of pregnancy. The first trimester upheavals were behind us and I could finally relax and enjoy my pregnancy. That chiefly consisted of asking my poor husband to rustle up outrageous food stuff that I remembered from my childhood. That particular afternoon, I craved for conversation in my Continue Reading

  • Triple Impressions – 3 by Shefali Vaidya

    The slowest night of my life trickled slowly into a turbid, grey, airless dawn. I was still on Mag, weaving in and out of periods of lucidity and hallucinations. As I was practically paralyzed from neck down, any movement was out of question. Ganesh had spent the night crouched uncomfortably in a hard iron folding chair. Twelve slow hours had passed since the steroid injections. Thirty-six more to go before the steroids had their full Continue Reading