The common mistakes parents make can easily affect a child’s confidence and his self-worth. Read on to know the six common mistakes that one can avoid as a parent !!

Parenting is one job you are required to do without proper training or qualification. ‘A full-time job’ as many fresh mothers like to describe it, parenting is an art. Nevertheless, there are some thumb rules that can make you a better parent.

When a baby grows, her helplessness is replaced by growing independence and an urge to discover the world around. There are certain pressures and expectations from the world around which sometimes lead to change in behavior.

As a parent, the least one can do is refraining from making these common mistakes.

1. Rejection

Parents are a child’s lifeline and they are not capable to handle rejection. So never make your child feel unwanted. Never withdraw your love, care and support; let them know you will always be there. “For every little soul, parents are before God,” says S. Seth, a leading Mumbai child-psychologist.

2. Over Protection

It’s just a matter of few years before your child will have to face the world alone and fight his own battles. Being caring and protective is important but don’t overdo it. Let him make his own way and device a solution if he is stuck with something. “Throw challenges to make her independent. Wherever possible, offer suggestions not solutions. It helps a long way in developing independence and decision-making,” adds Seth.

3. Lack of discipline

So you love your child and want to always see him happy but that doesn’t mean you give in to her every whim and fancy. Cultivate discipline by setting examples. Kids love to imitate, check what you are showing them. Learn to say a stern ‘No’ for unacceptable things. After all, discipline is one important thing that separates a brat from an angel!

4. Too much discipline

There’s time before your child joins the corporate world or the Indian army, let them be themselves and enjoy their childhood. Too much discipline can make life mechanic. Kids will be kids, it’s okay to be crazy at times to connect with your child. “When my kid is jumping on the bed with the excitement of winning a quiz competition, I join him in the madness,” says the mother of a seven-year-old. Once in a while, it’s okay to colour your face, feel the rain, beat the drums and dance like no one’s watching!

5. Absence of Attention

Don’t substitute your absence with material things. In today’s fast-paced world, there are kids with lot of playthings but no parental involvement. Nothing can substitute your time with your kids. So make sure you spend quality time with your bundle of joy!

6. Punishment without explanation

Lot of times parents end up scolding and punishing the child for not so obvious reasons. Let him or her know the reasons for your anger and disappointment. If you are angry with other things, your child should not be the easy target. Yelling at kids is not a stress buster! Communicate to your child, what is wrong and what is right. Appreciate good behavior and show disappointment appropriately.